About the blog:
I write about and share things I find interesting around Stanford and Silicon Valley. I dig up random ephemera from the Stanford University archives, review an occasional restaurant, share cheap stuff to do here and around town – (music, eats, exhibits, lectures) and share cool things our GSB students are doing. I am in no way an official blog, mouthpiece, what-have-you for Stanford or for the Graduate School of Business (GSB)… or for anything really. My very own children put their palms up when I launch into some tirade/lecture/helpful life lesson and say, please mom just stop. Don’t listen to me if you are looking for any kind of official insight into the GSB. Or into life.

the knight management center

Uncanny, really. (photo:  YouTube)

About Knight Management Center:
The GSB is housed in the Knight Management Center at Stanford University, a cluster of sandstone buildings set around a town square landscaped with flagstone, cafe umbrellas, adirondack chairs and wisteria. If you were a visitor from another planet and all you knew about this world was from US Weekly, you would gaze upon the spa-like grounds (while sipping your Coupa latte on which a lovely barista has written your name in foam) and think: “Yes, I know exactly where I am. I’m at one of those fancy places celebrities go to recover from a oxycodone addiction.” Which is to say it’s lush.

ninetofivemovieAbout working here:
My favorite movie of all-time-ever is 9 to 5, which confusingly has a rotten tomatoes 74% audience rating. That’s like a C, which is ridiculous for a movie of this caliber. When I saw it as a kid, I thought that’s how work would be. Truly I hoped it would, because so much great stuff happens in that movie – a rodeo, a poisoning, a strange montage/fantasy featuring a resurrected General Patton, Lily Tomlin getting super stoned, and Dabney Coleman suspended from a ceiling while mostly clad in leather. Working at the GSB is not like that. So far. Also I know what you’re thinking, that movie sounds terrible! It’s not. It’s amazing. You should see it this weekend.


I like it here.