Kyle Russell gets his glass kicked (and writes about it)

April 15, 2014 • Valley Pulse • Views: 749

There’s a lot of hatred right now for tech workers in San Francisco.  Read the comments on pretty much any SF Gate article, and you’ll find they are about as hated as the homeless population.  Most of SF wants everyone to JUST GET A JOB unless you get a tech job, take a Google bus, and/or increase rent prices.  There’s a fine line I guess.

On Friday, April 11th Kyle Russell, a Google Glass Explorer, had the Google Glass Glasses (do I have that right?) pulled from his face and destroyed by a man who yelled simply, “Glass!” which isn’t much of a manifesto.  Still, Kyle wrote a pretty insightful piece for the Business Insider. And the twitter trolls hated on that too, seemingly forgetting that he was assaulted and robbed. I’m not sure how Google Glass will reach the masses at this point.  It seems to have become some kind of symbol of the tech gentrification of SF.




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