Marjorie Court, Mt. View

June 25, 2015 • Houses I Can't Afford • Views: 867

tentOnce relegated to strained family vacations and backyard sleepover parties, the lowly Coleman tent is now (in the land of milk and honey and crippling rental prices) a rental. Situated in a lovely garden  – see photo for one man’s interpretation – the tent is already set up and ready to be unzipped.  Yes, that memory you have of your parents arguing bitterly while your father hammered tent stakes into the ground in the dark, can stay where it is – in the therapist’s office.  There’s no bathroom, running water or sheetrock, but you are allowed into the main house for one shower a day. Possibly this is negotiable in exchange for a well toasted s’more. And s’more roasting is most definitely permitted. You can tell because fire is encouraged, even planned for.  How else to explain the included safety features –  smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, first aid kit and fire extinguisher? That’s right, if you want to set your marshmallow on fire to give it a sleeve of black carbon, the troop leader isn’t going to say a damn thing about it.  One final note – the host has two dogs, though they are small and come with bark collars. Which is too bad since the barking would be helpful to drown out your soft sobbing when your mom calls to ask how everything’s going in Silicon Valley.  It’s great mom, it’s just really so, so great.

See the airbnb listing. $46 a night. Which appears to include a romantic candle (see photo) for when you bring your lady/man back to your place.  Candle might be flameless, but that doesn’t mean things can’t get hot. #nudgenudgewinkwink.

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