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April 16, 2014 • Etcetera • Views: 1396

Munchery delivers wholesome, chef made dinners to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Munchery delivers wholesome, chef made dinners to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Munchery, the meal delivery service delivering to the San Francisco Bay Area, has been around for a while and just recently got a big influx of funding to the tune of $28 million dollars.  While I’ve browsed their site a number of times, ogling the seared salmon, lemon grass chicken and the red snapper with green curry (depending on the day) I’ve never actually placed an order until today.  But this afternoon around 3 PM, I realized I had not thought about dinner.  This generally fills me with dread, because when I walk in the door after work there are three children who want to eat in ten minutes.  I hate cooking.  I will happily eat a fistful of candy corn for dinner and call it a night. But unfortunately I have to give the kids something more substantial.  And obviously I should be eating better too. Faced with no dinner plan, no real desire to come up with one, I hit up their site. Here’s how it went:

The sign up is a breeze. Though I signed up a while ago, I hadn’t ordered until today.  Tonight I got an email telling me what’s on the menu for the next day, which is nice.  But generally they don’t send out much promo stuff.  The site itself is gorgeous, the food photos Bon Appetit-worthy. It’s hard not to salivate over all of it. I placed my order around 3 PM, selected my meals (more on that in a bit) and selected a delivery window 6 PM – 7 PM.

I selected:

  • Grilled Pink Peppercorn Steak with broccoli, noodles and sauteed spinach (I ordered 2 of these for me and my husband)
  • Chicken and Fontina Meatballs with noodles and a very nice creamy tomato sauce
  • Caesar Salad with dressing and crutons on the side (I ordered 2 of these to split among 5 of us)
  • Kids BBQ Chicken Drumsticks  with veggies, coleslaw and BBQ sauce on the side (I ordered two of these, so 4 drumsticks)

My total with delivery charge was $66.70.  I realized when it arrived, I had ordered a little much.  We ended up having an entire meal left over – one of the steak dinners.  So really it would have been closer to $53 or so to feed five of us.  At that price it’s definitely not something we could do every night, but certainly it’s cheaper than taking all of us out to dinner – unless we’re hitting up Chipotle or some fast food joint. And on nights when I can’t face cooking and should choose something more well balanced than Taco Bell, it could be a potential boon to this household.  I could hit up a nice grocery store deli like say, Whole Foods for all this but I’m not convinced it would be much cheaper and it still means I need to go get it at prime traffic time on the way home from work. I could also see it being a good solution for wanting a nice meal at home with a date or friend, but wanting something fancier and more delicious than your average take out.

The food arrived nicely packaged on our front door at exactly 6 PM.  Packaging is for the most part compostable and easy to open.  You do need to transfer to a plate for a reheat since packaging is cardboard but you’ll want to do that anyway to do it justice.  The food was easy to split up among all of us. The kids, faced with all the variety, ended up trying pretty much all of it which was surprising.  The BBQ chicken drumsticks were a hit as was the caesar salad and the noodles from the meatball dish.  I liked the steak, as did my husband and it had been cooked perfectly and reheated well. Veggies were very fresh tasting and pretty varied as well.  The only thing I didn’t love were the meatballs – the noodles and sauce that came with it were nice, but the meatballs themselves were a little dry and didn’t reheat well.  But overall food was really delicious, easy to heat and serve and a great deal healthier than candy corn.  If you’ve got a sweet tooth they’ve got a selection of desserts; in my order they sent a small thank you bag of gourmet caramel corn which was inhaled in short order.

One last point – you can add a bottle of wine to your order and while their selection is limited, it’s a nice addition to the menu items they serve. I notice you can also have freshly pressed kale and carrot juices delivered with your order.  Munchery is planning an expansion to Seattle this summer and I’m assuming that $28 million is already earmarked for other cities in the US.  Oh and I see they are hiring for engineers and the person who refers them gets free dinners for a year.  So if you know someone, you won’t have to cook for a whole year which is basically my dream come true.





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