Stanford GSB Prof fixes your confidence problem in less than a minute

April 30, 2014 • Stanford • Views: 2440

The key to confidence? It’s not just what you say.  Before an important meeting, a speech or any anxiety producing interaction in which we need to speak, we think more about the words, about what we are actually going to say.  But we don’t think as much about how our body language and positioning feeds us confidence.  Deborah Gruenfeld, professor of leadership and organizational behavior at the GSB says that you can boost your confidence in just seconds by changing the position of your body.  How? Make yourself bigger.  Roll your shoulders back, stretch your legs out a bit and sit up straight.  Easy, right? Now say to yourself: “I can’t do it.  I feel so helpless.  I am worthless.”  Doesn’t work does it? In fact it sounds kind of ridiculous. The reverse also doesn’t work.  Slouch a little, lean forward, keep your knees together and keep your hands close and say “I am totally in charge. I am invincible. I’m on top of the world.” That feels silly too.  So next time before something important, maybe a pitch, a meeting etc. try it out.  You can watch her full video, “Acting with Power” about some interesting predictors of status and power.


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